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Home Brew Online Christmas Gift Guide

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and with that in mind here's a home brew gift guide with products our customers love! There's all sorts available with a category for beer, cider, wine, spirits and ingenious brewing equipment just scroll down and take a look. Just to let you know all these products arrive in an easy to wrap box so no awkward shapes to wrap.


All Grain Brewing School


Based at a small craft brewery at Carlton Towers near Selby this is a great gift for anyone wanting to learn more about all grain brewing.  You'll benefit from the knowledge and experience of the expert brewers Nigel and Jordan who specialise in producing unique craft ale ranging from single hopped IPAs to Honey and Peach Pale Ale. They are always pushing the boundaries to discover new flavours and perfect some old favourites like English Bitter. 

You can spend a full day at the brewery learning the basics of brewing and all grain home brewing. We'll take you through the theory side of brewing and then you will get a chance to practice the theory with some hands on experience on our all grain systems.


Among other things the brew school includes: Buffet lunch, six bottles of beer and quite a few samples along the way!

Here's a customer testimonial:


Hi Nigel and Jordan, I just wanted to say thank you for the great brewing day last Saturday 8th October. It was a great day and I picked up lot's of tips. I have had my first brew day today since the course, and have brewed a hoppy beer and a ginger beer, and mashed at a lower temperature. I can already tell the difference, they are definitely cleaner beers. I can't wait to try them. I have bought a PH metre and have contacted Murphys to get the water tested. Once again, thanks a lot and happy brewing !! - Chris


Gift Inspiration: Beer and Lager


Festival Micro Brewery With Bottles Kit - Razorback IPA Beer - £54.95

This great starter kit contains everything you need to make your home brew beer including the ingredients. Choose from a number of beer styles from Ritchies Festival range; Razorback IPA, Landlord's Finest Bitter, Golden Stag Summer Ale, Belgian Dubbel and Pride of London Porter. These beers are some of the best on the home brew market at the moment, our customer's love them here's a five star review from our website about the Razorback IPA:

Best beer kit ever


This is by far the best home brew kit I have ever tried (and I've tried quite a few). It beats the vast majority of expensive bottled beers too. If you like your beer hoppy, you won't find better. For maximum hoppiness, add the hops 2 or 3 days before bottling. A truly awesome beer kit. - Russ

Home Brew Online standard starter equipment pack with bottles - £34.95


All the equipment you need to get started, just add ingredients. One of our bestsellers, ideal for beginners and at such a good price you can't go wrong. Check out one of our five star customer reviews:


Bought this for hubby's Xmas pressie. Was unsure what was required to make beer so rang and spoke to a polite gentleman who gave advice to me, without pushing the products. Upon deciding what to buy I rang back and placed order. The product was delivered the following day without any hiccups. Will for sure come back for any other products. - Wendy


Home Brew Online The Ultimate Real Ale Starter Pack  - £129.95

The ultimate starter kit including a top tap king keg with sparkler tap. Everything you need to brew and more!

A Great Starter Set!


The perfect gift for the budding brewer. Got this set for Christmas and have the first batch of many more I suspect bubbling away nicely. The heat pad and sparkler is great addition to complete the outfit. Highly recommended for the beginner. - Gavin Edward


HBO Coopers Lager Kit- £49.95  (ABV 4.5%)

This is a top quality starter kit with everything you need including the ingredients to start brewing pub quality beer! Check out one of the five star reviews we received for this product below:


 A really fast delivery, well wrapped good quality material with everything I needed to make our first home brew. Very easy to make and a few weeks later we're now drinking a very nice beer which gets better and better by the day! I will definitely be ordering from here again! And recommending to friends! - Hattie


Woodforde's Tinsel Toes - £20.99


It's not often that we're treated to something new from Woodfordes so I thought I would include it on this list.  Tinsel Toes is a great sweet ruby coloured Christmas beer, an ideal partner to the main event...Christmas dinner! 

Muntons Hand Crafted - Winter Warmer Ale - £25.95


 Another new product Munton's Winter Warmer in the tradition of British winter ales this will warm your cockles and leave you feeling distinctly Christmassy! Made from the best English 2 row barley and hops from renowned English hop suppliers this is definitely one for the list to Santa. Again it has no review as it is so new but we thought it would be criminal to miss it off the page.

Festival US Steam Beer - £23.95      (ABV 5%)


A home brew kit in the tradition of the American craft brews certainly one for the home brewer searching out a new flavour as it has a distinct toffee and caramel flavour with the expected kick of American hops to round it off.  

This was so good the first time around that I just had to have another. This is one of the best kits I have tried, if you like craft style give it a go. - Chris


Coopers English Bitter Bundle Kit - £18.95      (ABV 4.5%)


Great for beginners and pros alike this kit has all the ingredients you need to get started.  One of our bestsellers and unique as a bundle to Home Brew Online with a smooth malty flavour and a mild kick of hops at the end this is a perfect gift for English Bitter lovers everywhere. 

Good product and easy for a beginner - David

Coopers Lager - £11.95 (ABV 4.5%)

A home brew staple that never fails to impress and at £11.95 it's a bargain! Just add 1kg of sugar for primary fermentation then carbonation drops or sugar for secondary fermentation.

Consistently good.

Great, crisp, tasty lager. Consistent results every time and relatively easy to brew. Always leave as long as possible from bottling to drinking for better flavour! - Ian  



The Grainfather: All Grain Brewing System - £595.00


And last but not least the Grainfather, a wonderful piece of all grain brewing equipment. The price may be a little off putting but here's what one of our customers had to say:

The Grainfather

I did a lot of soul searching before getting the The Grainfather as its not a cheap bit of kit. Just finished my 3rd brew and I have to say I have no buyer’s remorse, it’s just the best, easy to use, clean and store. If you’re on the fence I would suggest you go for it. - Paul


Cider – Five Star Rated Gifts

Home Brew Online Cider Equipment Pack- £24.95


This is one of our most popular products, it's a great value pack that has all the required equipment to make your Cider. Here's what one of our customers thinks:



Great product, great price. Definitely a must if you're looking into brewing.' - Daniel


On the Rocks Apple Cider - £16.87  (ABV 5.9%)


A great tasting crisp apple cider with plenty of character, another customer favourite.


'This was my first ever Cider kit and it's a winner in my book, it's easy to do and it's ready in three weeks to drink . . . everyone that's tried this says this is not made from a kit . . . Well I don't think you can get much better praise than that.' - Tony


Wine and Spirits Five Star Rated Gifts 

Home Brew Online Starter Equipment Pack - Wine (30 bottle kit) - £44.95

Contains all the equipment you need to get started all you need to do is choose which wine you would like to make and add bottles. It's a popular product with our customers:



Bought this item as a way into making my own hedgerow wines, absolutely love it. It has everything you could possibly need. Forget the rest, this one is the best! : )'

Winebuddy Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay Complete Starter Kit- £28.95  (ABV Approx 11 - 13%)

A compact gift with everything you need to make your own delicious wine, a great introductory kit for those looking to dip a toe into the home brewing world.



' A great kit, easy to use and tastes lovely. Delivery was quick and instructions were easy to follow,

 would buy again.' - Colin 

WineBuddy Home Brew Online 30 Bottle Wine Starter - £49.95

Available with a choice of wine kits


A great kit with everything you need to make a 30 bottle wine kit, includes an autosyphon which makes bottling your wine much easier and less time consuming.  A must have gift for anyone wanting to try their hand at wine making this Christmas!

Magnum Medium Dry Red  - £16.45  (ABV 11-14%)

Inspired by a great Italian Chianti the makers use the same type of grape juice in order to produce a red Chianti style table wine. Once again popular with our customers:


'Great Wine Kit

 My first wine kit and this one is great easy to make just follow the instructions and you get 23ltrs of great wine.' - Draco2909

Cellar 7 Pinot Grigio - £29.95  (ABV 11-14%)

A seriously good wine kit and although it's not as cheap as some you don't have to add extra sugar and at just over 99p a bottle it's a bargain! 


'White wine = divine


Good value, easy to make and very reliable. I have made this many times and it never fails.' - Philly


This kit has everything you need apart from the bottles to make a great quality spirit that you can sip in front of the fire on Christmas Eve.


'Amaretto Delight!
A really good quality kit with clear instructions. The end product is excellent! Try replacing the sugar with honey! Great company to deal with, strongly recommend!' - Julian 


Brewing Equipment

A great toy for any home brewer and especially good for the all grain brewer as it allows you achieve accurate brewing temperatures every time, essential to brewing your favourite all grain beer again and again. We're cheating a little here because, as yet, this product isn't rated five star but it comes highly recommend by one of our local breweries - The Little Black Dog Brewery- where it is essential in producing their great craft beers. 




A high quality barrel with the added bonus of the sparkler tap which agitates the brew as you pour to give you a smooth pub style pint. Perfect!

'Great barrel with a float system you can start to drink the beer earlier if you can't wait because with the float system !