• Woodfordes Micro Brewery With Barrel – Wherry
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Woodfordes Micro Brewery With Barrel – Wherry

1. select heating device (for brewing in cold rooms)
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1. Select heating device (for brewing in cold rooms)

Brew Belt
Brew Belt

High Quality Heater for Home Beer and Wine Making

The Brew Belt can be used to aid fermentation with one or two demijohns or any make of 5 Gallon/25 Litre vessel and is suitable for both beer and wine making.

The Brew Belt is designed to be used during primary fermentation and to aid the start of secondary fermentation.

One of the main benefits of using a BrewBelt is the reduced time it takes to complete the brewing process of your beer and wine.

The heat can be regulated by moving the Brew Belt higher or lower on the vessel.

Full instructions are included and each Brew Belt is individually gift packaged.

Please read and follow the instructions with the Brew Belt. Regular checks should always be made to ensure that the correct temperature is being maintained

About the Brew Belt
Fits around any 5 Gallon Fermenter or two Demijohns
Easy to use
Suitable for all Beer and Wine making
Complete with fitted mains plug
Full Instructions Enclosed
Double Insulated
25 Watts / AC 230v / 50Hz
Made in England

£19.95 RRP: £22.95 | You Save: £3.00 (13%)
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1. Select heating device (for brewing in cold rooms)

Electrim Heating Tray 25Ltr (Model TE25)
Electrim Heating Tray 25Ltr (Model TE25)

Heater for Home Beer and Wine Making - Suitable for Standard 25 Litre Fermenting Vessels

Keeping your home brew at the correct temperature is essential to ensure that it not only starts fermenting but also to ensure it ferments completely and all the sugars are converted. This will leave you with a clear, correctly carbonated brew with the correct alcohol content. 

Heating devices are used throughout the primary fermentation stage and also to start secondary fermentation. Using a heating device for your homebrew will also ensure that the process of fermentation is completed quickly, enabling you to enjoy your beer and wine as soon as possible!

Achieving correct, constant temperatures is easy with our range of economical heating devices.

25L Fermenting Vessel Heater Tray
Fermenting tray designed specifically for 25 litre containers. Constructed to withstand the weight of larger vessels and with the correct power output. Also suitable for demijohns and wine making. Thermostatically controlled to maintain a liquid temperature approximately 9 deg C above ambient room temperature, giving a fermenting temperature of 22-29 deg C in most domestic environments. If the temperature is in excess of 20 degrees C (during the day for example) the heater should be switched off. Regular checks should always be made to ensure that the correct temperature is being maintained. Detatchable power lead for ease of cleaning and storage. 230 volts 25 watts.

Low Wattage/Economical
Controlled Heat
Thermally Insulated Base
Safe for Glass or Plastic Containers
Easy to clean
Heater On/Off Light
Size: 31cm
Best used with vessels not larger than 28cm at the base

Please note: This heat pad is thermostatically controlled at a preset temperature and isn't manually adjustable. Not be used in direct sunlight, with the vessel covered or in a room with a high ambient temperature. The temperature must be regularly checked to ensure the correct fermenting temperature is being maintained.

A guide to heating devices is on our forum; http://homebrewonline.vanillaforums.com/discussion/428/heating-devices-a-guide-to#latest

£32.95 RRP: £38.50 | You Save: £5.55 (14%)
2. select barrel brush (for easy barrel cleaning)
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2. Select barrel brush (for easy barrel cleaning)

Nylon Long Barrel Brush
Nylon Long Barrel Brush

Our High Quality 33 inch / 90cm long Barrel Brush is just the job for making life easier.

Please Note - The colours of these brushes vary and will change to what is pictured but are always of the same high quality

Cleaning barrels can be difficult without the proper equipment, especially barrels with small necks.

The Barrel Brush is large enough to clean quickly and can squeeze through the necks of smaller fermentors, demijohns and tap holes in barrels, supplied in various colours so may vary.

A well cleaned barrel will avoid any contamination and prevent off-tasting, wasted beer or wine.

Dimensions: 33" long / 90cm

Brush head measures 8cm / 3.5" across approx.

Also available: Bottle Cleaning Brush

Please Note: These brushes are long and awkward to post without bending. They are designed to be bent and will easily re-shape.

More Info

2. Select barrel brush (for easy barrel cleaning)

Clean Express - Large Carboy Cleaner Brush (Drill Attachment)
Clean Express - Large Carboy Cleaner Brush (Drill Attachment)

Carboy Cleaner Brush (Drill attachment) Also Suitable for Cornelius Kegs

(Drill and Carboy NOT INCLUDED - For illustration purposes only)

For the problem of cleaning your carboys, here at Home Brew Online we now have these great brushes which have revolutionised the cleaning process for the home brewer and wine maker for cleaning your carboys and Cornelius (Corny) Kegs. With Spiral Force Technology, the Carboy Brush will clean your carboy in a fraction of the time it takes with the standard carboy bristle brush. The product attaches to any standard cordless or power drill (not included) which provides any home brewer and wine maker an efficient and effortless cleaning process.

Key Features include:

High Quality product made in the USA

Effortless and Efficient Carboy Cleaning

Available in various sizes for different vessels

The carboy version also cleans Cornelius Kegs without the need for you to reach down into the bottom to clean out the residue sitting down at the base of the keg

Clean your Carboy bottle in a fraction of the time vs. that old Carboy bristle brush

Easy to attach to any cordless or power drill

Spiral Force technology cleans the inside of your Carboy bottle better than any other brush

Designed using a high synthetic plastic rod which keeps your bottle scratch free during cleaning process

Chamois Material is cut to perfection based on our patented design which cleans the inside of the carboy neck, sides, and bottom base extremely fast and effortless

Must have for all your Wine and Beer making cleaning equipment


Cleaning Tips

1. Tip the carboy on its side while cleaning with Carboy Cleaner to add extra water contact in the upper shoulder and neck area of the carboy to remove tough stains and grime.

2. Do a preliminary rinse of container prior to using Carboy Cleaner to remove any large loose material.

3. Clean container with Carboy Cleaner for 30 seconds, let soap and suds sit for 5 minutes to soak, then finish for another 30 seconds.

4. Adjust drill speeds to find an even, consistent speed to reduce vibration.

5. One minute of cleaning/scrubbing is all that is needed on most cleaning applications.

£14.95 RRP: £18.69 | You Save: £3.74 (20%)
RRP: £74.95 | You Save: £10.00
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At Home Brew Online We Have Used Our Specialist Home Brew Knowledge & Expertise To Put Together The Ideal Complete Starter Pack Containing All The Top Quality Equipment And Ingredients You Will Need For Brewing Your Own Pub Standard Beer, Just Add Water!

And The Same Equipment Can Also Be Used For Making Lager and Cider

40 Pints Premium Pub style beer in just 1 month!

Anybody can use this kit! New or Experienced Home Brewers! It’'s Never Been Easier!

Woodforde's Wherry

Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy ‘grapefruit’ bitter finish characterises this champion bitter. (40 Pints)

If you'’re looking for a home brewing kit that will easily and economically enable you to brew top notch, real ale in the comfort of your own home - this is it!

Not only is all the equipment included, the ingredients to make 40 pints of award winning, Woodforde's Real Ale is also contained in this kit. If you’'re planning a get together, what better way to impress your friends than by pouring your guests a pint from your very own Micro Brewery!

Special Occasions – Family get-togethers – BBQ’s – Relaxed home drinking

It'’s never been easier to brew your own premium pub style beer. Using the Micro Brewery is quick, easy, fun and low cost. The use of pure, natural ingredients such as those in the included Real Ale kit ensure that you are drinking a high quality cask style ale, with no pasteurisation or additives often associated with cheap supermarket beer.

Complete and easy to follow instructions are included with the kit, making brewing your own real ale a breeze. The process of brewing your own beer is not only very cost effective but also highly enjoyable, rewarding and gives a hands-on, practical understanding of the processes involved with brewing beer – the first taste of your very own beer is a satisfying moment!

The Woodforde's Micro Brewery Complete Starter Kit makes a fantastic gift and introduction to a new hobby. After brewing the first batch of beer with the included Real Ale kit, all that is required to start brewing future batches is another beer kit (ingredients). This Micro Brewery is suitable for brewing real ale, lager, stout, cider and all varieties of beer.

Micro Brewery Complete Starter Kit –Contents

Quality Fermentation Container - For the initial brewing process, includes lid with grommet for airlock
Pressure Barrel with CO2 Valve- Conditions, stores and dispenses the beer
Spoon- It takes a long spoon to mix the ingredients!
Syphon Tube- To transfer the beer from the Fermenter to the Barrel
Rigid syphon tube with sediment trap
Airlock- Fill it with water, it lets the gasses escape and prevents contamination
Hydrometer- Lets you check on the alcohol content so you know when it’s ready
Trial Jar- For use with the Hydrometer
Thermometer- Helps you keep your brew at the correct temperature
CO2 Bulbs x 2 and Holder- Add a blast of CO2 if required
Cleaner/Steriliser- Ready to start? Clean your equipment to avoid contamination
Instructions- Easy-to-follow, step by step guide

Products may vary in style from those illustrated

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my beer will be ready?
To brew your own fantastic beer takes 2-3 weeks, varying slightly on which kit you choose. It takes around 5 days for the initial brewing process in the fermenting container and then around 2 weeks in the barrel to allow the brew to clear and to develop into a smooth, clean tasting beer.

Will I need to buy anything else?
No, the Micro Brewery Kit contains all the equipment required, all you need to do is add water. As this is a 3kg kit, you don't even need sugar to brew it. You will need, however, to use a small amount of brewing sugar to start the secondary fermentation process. The equipment included with the Micro Brewery will last for many years, all that is required to continue brewing is additional beer kits.

Are all the beer kits the same and can they be brewed with this equipment?
Essentially all the beer kits are quite similar, the difference is in the balance and style of ingredients which produces varying beer types. All the 3kg kits contain everything that you need. Kits weighing less than 3kg will need 1kg of sugar adding. Any beer kit can be brewed with this equipment.

Will the Micro Brewery Kit be packed in one box?
Yes, the kit is packed into a plain box. The Micro Brewery makes an ideal gift as there is no visible branding suggesting what might be inside!

How long does the beer last?
After your beer has finished brewing it will last up to six months. If the beer is intended to be kept for a long time (up to 2 years) then bottles can be used, all bottles sold by us are designed to take the pressure of secondary fermentation. We find that customers often like to syphon half the beer into the barrel for drinking straight away and buy a pack of bottles to store the other half to drink in future.

Will my beer go flat?
The pressure barrel supplied with the Micro Brewery will keep your beer fresh and nicely carbonated, just like in the pub. If you need to increase the pressure in the barrel, there is a valve on the top which allows the injection of extra CO2 using disposable bulbs - 2 bulbs are included.

Will brewing my own beer save me money?
One of the best advantages of brewing your own beer is the amount of money it will save you. Generally a 40 pint beer kit will cost around £10 - £20, so after purchasing the Micro Brewery you’ll be brewing top notch beer from 25p a pint!

Can anybody make home brew beer?
Absolutely! Instructions are included and it’s very straight forward. It is important to clean the equipment (with the included steriliser) but nothing difficult needs to be done other than waiting!

How much beer will it make?

Depending which beer style you choose, each batch makes up to 40 pints. Some of the stronger beers make a reduced quantity, but any of the Woodfordes range can be made to 40 pints, it will reduce the finished alcohol content down to around 4.5% which is the standard strength for Woodfordes Wherry.

What's your favourite beer style?

Woodforde's Wherry
Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy ‘grapefruit’ bitter finish characterises this champion bitter. (40 Pints)

Nelsons Revenge
Rich and floral aromas,sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of ‘citrus’ hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer. (36 Pints)

Norfolk Nog
Smooth, rich and rounded ‘Old Ale’ with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice. (40 Pints)

Admirals Reserve
Solid and generous sweet fruit flavour create a complex and satisfying dark chestnut-coloured beer. Wonderfully, and dangerously, drinkable. (32 Pints)

Pale but strong and full-bodied. Carries an intricate combination of plums and damsons countered by an abundance of ‘citrus’ hopping. (24 Pints)

Subtle golden beer - pale in colour and light on the palate with the distinctive hoppy Woodforde’'s finish. Deliciously golden and refreshing. (40 pints)

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5First ever homebrew

Been thinking about doing some homebrew for a while now so took the plunge and went for the Wherry kit. Good quality products supplied and the beer has turned out just the same as down my local. Excellent purchase!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5Brill first time kit

As a total newcomer to home brewing I was recommended this kit by a work colleague. It has lived up to and exceeded all expectations. The beer is Woodforde Werry and it has turned out fantastic, all down to the superb and easily useable kit. Very easy and clear instructions.