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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Fantastic pint

Bought this kit as I needed a quick bottle filler after Christmas and I’m very impressed with how it turned out. Brewed with 1.5 kg of light dme and dry hopped with 50g each cascade and Columbus. Very easy drinking pint and would be happy to brew it again.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Straightforward and flavoursome

Inexpensive and tasty way to get into home brewing. I used brew enhancer and spraymalt in the mix and it turned out very well. I can't say what the kit with just sugar would be like, but if you wanted to try out home brewing you could do a lot worse than this one.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Coopers Premium IPA

Made 40 pints of this IPA using 1.5kg of brewing sugar. Stored for 4 weeks after bottling before tasting the ale. For a kit that is very reasonably priced, the results are impressive. Amber in colour, it pours clear with a lasting head. Great taste to it, clean with a hoppy tang.
Dave C
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Very good for the money

I added 100g Charles Farm Sterling Hop pellets 3 days before bottling so please be aware this review is based on that addition, I have not tried the kit as it comes standard. However, I am really very impressed with how good this kit is considering it is one of the cheaper ones out there. Produces a medium brown, smooth pale ale with a good crisp white head. It really has what I would class as a true IPA taste, with a strong zesty hoppyness but also that malty bitter background. On par with some of the premium kits I have tried at half the price. It easily blows away any of the St. Peters Ale kits I have tried, and is at least as good as the Festival kits. I would recommend adding a hop pouch/pellets to it, just to lift that aroma and initial hop hit, and it'll still work out cheaper then other kits. I cant say it quite rivals the Youngs - American Craft Brewing Beer kits or the Bulldog Brews kits, those do have the edge on flavour - but they are also nearly double the money! After a year and a half of home brewing and trying different kits, this instantly makes it to number 1 of the budget kits. Really very impressed will be on my next order and many more to come no doubt.
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