Buon Vino Filtering clears wine by removing fermentation debris and some of the yeast, preventing these materials from breaking down during aging and thereby increasing the wine's stability. Stable wines are less likely to change their appearance and taste over time. When a significant amount of the microscopic organisms that could restart fermentation are removed, the amount of preservatives can be reduced. Filtering also accelerates the wine's evolution by preventing the formation of sediment, 'force aging' the wine for a smoother taste while still young.

For most winemakers, the most important step in the winemaking process is the filtering. From the best filtering equipment, properly matched to the correct Filter Pads, come the clearest, most inviting, sediment-free wines.

Every Buon Vino Wine Filter is designed with a specific pump flow rate and pressure that are matched to the specified Buon Vino Filter Pad. To enjoy optimum results, it is essential to ensure that the correct Filter Pads are used every time.

Buon Vino

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