Champagne Information

Information about the term 'Champagne'

The word 'Champagne' is a term which refers to a sparkling wine produced in the Champagne District in France, only wines produced in this region can be called by the name Champagne (much like Cornish pasties must be made in Cornwall, etc). Any other sparkling wine must have a different name, the Spanish use Cava and there are other alternatives, but for the purposes of most sparkling wines they are more generally referred to as simply 'Sparkling Wine'. We have various products available for the home brewer wishing to make their own sparkling wines, some more information on what to look for and the home brew terms we use is here:

Sparkling Wine YeastThis is the name of the yeast we stock for use when brewing your own home made sparkling wines, it is specifically designed for sparkling wines

Elderflower Sparkling Wine - This is the standard term we use for any Elderflower Sparkling Wine produced outside of the 'Champagne' region of France

Champagne Cages and Stoppers - We stock stoppers and cages suitable for use with your old genuine 'Champagne' bottles widely available in shops and supermarkets, etc. If recycling and re-using your old, strong 'Champagne' bottles these stoppers and cages are designed for these bottles and will seal your home brew safely inside