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  • Harris Cider Clear Fining Tub

    Harris Filters

    Harris Cider Clear Fining Tub

    Sufficient to clear up to 3 x 5 gallon batches of cider Clears quickly Compacts sediment Simple to use Commercial grade Long shelf life All that is needed to prepare the Cider Clear finings is to mix it in half cup of cold water, mixing with a fork for...
    Price: £3.20


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  • Pectinaze Pectic Enzyme 15ml

    Harris Filters

    Pectinaze Pectic Enzyme 15ml

    Pectinaze is a highly concentrated form of liquid Pectic Enzyme.Sufficient to treat up to 20 Gallons Supplied in an easy to use 15ml plastic bottle. The dose rate for wines and ciders is 10 drops per 5 litres (1 gallon) . It does not matter if you add...
    Price: £2.86


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  • Harris Cider Clear Finings

    Harris Filters

    Harris Cider Clear Finings

    Harris Filters Cider Finings Treats up to 22.5 Litres/5 Gallons This product promotes rapid settlement of yeasts to form compact sediments and clear your cider before bottling or barrelling. For the ultimate in clarity also add Pectolase when making your...
    Price: £1.66


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