Crafty Fox All Grain Starter Kits And Refills are the perfect way to brew for people with little space to spare or just for the Home Brewers who like to make little batches such as the 1 gallon refills, as all you need is a stove and a couple of large pans. We also have a range of larger 5 gallon refills too for larger batches. With the 1 gallon Crafty Fox starter kits you get as standard a quality built metal capper with caps, plus a hydrometer which is an essential piece of equipment for the all grain home brewer. These kits are made from locally sourced ingredients, the grain is sourced in Castleford from traditional Master Maltsters Thomas Fawcett & Sons, and the Hops are sourced in Worcester from Charles Faram & Co.

You can't beat the Crafty Fox for Quality and value for money. Please browse the full range for more information and details on each item.

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