Creating Beers From Scratch Using Malt Extract And Hops

Here is a quick guide to brewing up your own recipes using Malt extracts, Hops and Yeast. Which is a step up from making beer kits if you want to be a bit more creative.

With a huge choice of Malt Extracts, Hops and Yeasts you can be a lot more experimental with your brews and adds a little more to the process of making beers rather then just making them from beer kits, and is a lot simpler than whole grain brewing.

If you already have the gear to make beer kits the only additional items you'll need is something to boil your wort and hops in. Either a large stainless steel Pan and a a gas burner or a proper wort boiler such as the Electrim Digital Mashing Bin EB1D and also something you can cool the wort down with. I just made my own wort cooler with 10 metres of 10mm copper tube and a couple of washing machine hoses. You'll probably want to research these on you tube and make your own.


First of you'll have to choose some ingredients and the size of the batch you're going to make. For example I'll use a simple Pale Ale recipe For Doing 20 pints at around 5.4% ABV. If you want to do fourty Pints just double on ingredients.

Here's what you'll need:

Briess Golden Light Malt Extract

Goldings Hops

Gervin English Ale Yeast

250g of Brown Sugar


Step 1 - Boil up 3 litres of water and then add your Extract and sugar, mix thoroughly in your fermenting vessel

Step2 - Top up with water to your required amount plus a little extra to account for evaporation from boiling, in this example 21 pints.

Step 3 - Add the wort to your boiler and get it up to a rolling boil (you might want to do this outside as a lot of smells and steam come from boiling.

Step 4 - Now that its at a rolling boil you add your hops, 60 grams of Golding hops for this recipe. I like to use a a mashing sparging bag to save on mess in my Electrim Digital Mashing Bin EB1D

Step 5 - Let the hops boil away for an hour. This is just enough time for the hops to release the oils and give it that lovely sweet bitterness. If you like it really bitter try 1 hour 15 minutes or maybe even more if you want to experiment.

Step 6 - Time to cool down the wort as fast as possible. Empty your wort from your boiler into a fermenting vessel and use your wort cooler to cool it down. It's at its most vulnerable when its at this stage. This is when I would usually add 20 grams of more hops for aroma.

Step 7 - When you get it down to around 25 degrees C Pitch your yeast and give it a good stir to get the oxygen back into the wort.

Now with in 24-48 hours it should be fermenting and its just the same from here on in as doing a beer kit.

With all the choices of extracts, hops and yeasts there is thousands of combinations, plus other ingredients you can add like vanilla, orange zest, Coco there is plenty of potential to experiment and make some amazing brews.