Five Star Products

We've had some great 5 star reviews over the years and thought it would be a great idea to share them with you. It might give you a bit of inspiration for your next home brew purchase. They cover everything from equipment to spirits so check it out!


Diabolo - Devilishly good 

"  I was a bit put off trying this as I worked through the range of Brewferm beers, mainly by the name and unnecessary 8% strength. However whilst writing this review (after drinking 1 litre of the stuff) I must say its VERY drinkable and tasty. I left it about 3 months in the bottle and its well worth the wait, not too much head and still quite fruity and sweet. Certainly worth a try, two 500ml bottles has me feeling equally smooth :-)"


Bad Cat Imperial Red


"This certainly lives up to its name, bad cat, she'll creep up on you enticing seductive quietly warming you'll give in as it seems to kiss and caress beware!!! it's really a bite, but very enjoyable Mmm XXX"


Old Suffolk - Wonderful Dark, Malty Strong Bitter Beer

"A Home Brewer for 20 years, this is my favourite beer, I prefer it to anything that I can buy in a pub or supermarket, it has a deep rich flavour not unlike Adam’s Broadside but with a slightly more bitter flavour, the taste of a cask conditioned beer even when it is bottled. There is none better!"

Rob Hooker


Woodforde's Admiral's Reserve - A Reserve for all occasions

"A great ale for brightening up those dark, cold winter evenings or refreshing those warm, blissful Summer nights - and just as good in Spring or Autumn as well!!"


Festival Golden Stag - Staggering!

"If you like Golden Ale like Old Golden Hen then you will love this. This was only my second attempt at home brewing but I was truly amazed at the end results."



Old Conkerwood Black Ale - Brilliant Conkerwood

"This conker is only just ready, (needs 2 more days in the barrel really) but just had to try it, for research purposes of course. Could not wait to tell you how good this beer really is. I was recommended to try this by a friend because I do not normally drink darker beers but I will be doing this one again many times. IT IS GRRREAT"

Ultimate American Golden - Quality beer

"This was my second ever home brew. The kit was easy to brew and after only two weeks in the bottle tasted amazing. A week later even better and I suspect this will continue to improve with age. The only problem is it won't last much longer as I keep drinking it. Fantastic colour, nice and clear, good head and fizz, rich malty taste, finishes with a mild hoppy taste. People who have tasted this can't believe you can brew such good beer at home."




St Peter's Golden -So Good I Bought It Again

"Inviting friends around to try "home brew" is quite nerve wracking and you can tell your friends aren't that confident when they bring a supply of shop bought bottles - no need to worry with this kit. When friends give comments such as "I would drink this in a pub" you know you have nailed it and this will become a regular brew. The bottled beer brought around is still sitting on the shelf!