Frequently asked Grainfather Questions

What is the lifespan of the Grainfather?
We have had our initial units used in the Brew lab here working at least once a week for about the past year but nothing beyond that. We are a customer focussed company and want the customer to love our product. We purposely made the Grainfather modular in case for instance the off chance the pump breaks after 2 years we can supply the pump separately that can easily be fitted by the customer if they have a Philips screwdriver and a spanner. Most parts can be interchanged easily which also means if any future upgrades become available they can be purchased and easily added without having to buy a whole new unit.

What warranty does the Grainfather come with?
12 months

Is the Grainfather distillery option available and legal in the UK?
The copper dome and condenser is available. If you want to distil spirit in the UK officially you need a licence even if it is for personal use, it may be possible to apply for a licence from the HMRC, please check with them for details. However, we are not aware of anybody who has obtained such a licence.

What is the maximum output of the Grainfather, I.e 20ltr, 23ltr etc
25L max. We suggest it is never filled higher than 28L which allows for 3L of evaporation during the boiling process.

How long does it take to get 28L from cold to the boil?
From 20 deg c to Boil will take approximately 60 mins but many factors affect this. (Could take longer if brewing outside and depending on how windy or the humidity all affects the boil time)

How long from mash temp to roiling boil?
This time is irrelevant as when you come to sparge you turn from Mash to Boil and by the time you have finished sparging your wort is almost at boil. Approximately 20-30mins

Where are they made?
Designed in New Zealand, Manufactured in China alongside a Grainfather paid QC team.

What are the differences between the Grainfather and the Braumeister?
Brewing efficiencies are similar
Brewing times are similar
Grainfather is more compact.
Grainfather has option to turn from all grain brewing system to distilling system.
Grainfather temperature controller has to be manually input for each step mash.
Grainfather comes with a Wort Chiller as standard. The Braumeister provides this separately
Pricepoint is very different.
Grainfather has a free App with recipe input that then alerts you when to return to your Grainfather for hop additions/temperature changes etc.

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