Frequently Asked Starter Kit Questions

Frequently Asked Starter Kit Questions

Can anybody make home brew beer?

Absolutely! Instructions are included in the beer kits and it’s very straight forward. It is important to clean the equipment (with the included steriliser) and keep it at the suggested temperature but nothing difficult needs to be done – other than waiting!

How long before my beer will be ready?

To brew your own fantastic beer takes 3-4 weeks, varying slightly on which beer kit you choose. It takes around 5 days for the initial brewing process in the fermenting container and then around 2 weeks in the barrel to allow the brew to clear and to develop into a smooth, clean tasting beer. Leaving your beer to condition in the barrel for at least a month is recommended as the beer will be in its optimum state.

Will brewing my own beer save me money?

One of the best advantages of brewing your own beer is the amount of money it will save you. Generally a 40 pint beer kit will cost around £20, so after purchasing the Starter Kit you’ll be brewing top notch beer for 50p a pint!

Are all the beer kits the same?

Essentially all the beer kits are quite similar, the difference is in the balance and style of ingredients which produces varying beer types. All the 3kg kits contain everything that you need. Kits weighing less than 3kg will need 1kg of brewing sugar adding.

How long does the beer last?

After your beer has finished brewing it’s best to drink it within a six months. We provide a pressure barrel with our kit rather than bottles as they can be used for all styles of beer. Barrels are certainly the best way to store Real Ales as they are at their best when lightly carbonated.

Will I need to buy anything else?

Our Starter Kit contains all the equipment for a basic set-up. There are lots of other accessories available should you wish to get into home brewing in a big way, but to start with our kit provides all the gear that you need to get started. The only thing to buy after the Starter Kit is the ingredients – referred to as beer kits

Will my beer go flat?

When the beer is conditioning in the pressure barrel it will naturally create CO2, carbonating the beer. Should adding further CO2 be required we sell CO2 Bulbs and Cylinders and Barrel Caps with valves suitable for the injection of CO2

Will the Starter Kit be packed in one box?

Yes, as the kit is often bought as a gift it is packed in one box, along with any beer kits purchased.

How do I brew?

It’s easy! Take a look at our step-by-step Guide To Brewing Beer