Frequently Asked Swing Top Bottles Questions

Swingtop Bottle FAQ's

Hi there, I'm thinking of making some elderflower cordial for christmas pressies - could you tell me please if these swingtop bottles would be suitable? (or kindly suggest an alternative maybe?) - Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your message. These bottles would be ideal for your elderflower cordial (I am doing a very similar thing but making elderflower champagne with these bottles!). The bottles are supplied with swing top stoppers and washers included ensuring a high quality appearance and also allowing the bottles to be stored for a long time, up to two years if required, with no chance of leaking swing top seals etc.

What colours do you sell the swing top bottles in please?

We have swing top glass bottles available in either brown or clear, brown is this is the best colour to prevent light affecting beer/cider etc, the clear glass version are very popular though as they do look great, it is best to try and keep the bottles away from UV light for longer term storage

What is the difference between bottles bought from the supermarket and your new bottles please? I've now collected around 80 for my brew but I have to say that the old ones(1990 onwards) are stronger brown glass compared with today's thinner glass. Are yours the old type?

The main difference with our bottles is that we can assure you that they are made from strong glass and wont break under secondary fermentation. We sell both brown and clear glass swing top bottles as these are the most popular with a variety of uses. The included bottle closures are very strong, good quality, designed for re-use time and time again. Always check any bottles you use are a high quality and not damaged, and capable of withstanding the pressure created by carbonated drinks so you don't have any breakages and the chance of ruined home brew.