Guide to Making your own Wine


Home Brew Wine Making Guide If you are new to wine making, please download this guide
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These instructions are for making the Kenridge kit but the same technique is used for making all wine kits.

You can also watch this useful guide:


We also have the following instructions available:

Beaverdale Wine kit instructions

Cellar 7 Wine kit instructions

WineBuddy wine kit instructions


If this is your first attempt at wine making, you will need to purchase equipment and ingredients. You have 2 basic options;

1) Purchase a Wine Making Starter Kit, which will contain all the equipment plus the ingredients i.e. everything you need

2) Purchase a Starter Equipment Pack, which is just the equipment, and then purchase the wine making ingredients separately.

Wine Kits (ingredients) are generally available in 2 sizes; 6 Bottle (4.5L / 1 Gallon) or 30 Bottle (23L / 5 Gallons).

Useful Links:

Starter kits

6 Bottle Equipment Starter Pack

30 Bottle Equipment Starter Pack

Complete Equipment Starter Pack (with ingredients)


These are some of the brands we sell:

Budget to Mid-Range Wine Kits:

Solomon Grundy

Wine Buddy

Cellar 7


Australian Blend

Premium Wine Kits:


California Connoisseur