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Home Brew Online Complete Starter Kit - With Coopers European Lager

Home Brew Online Complete Starter Kit - With Coopers European Lager

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Stock Availability:In Stock
Price: £66.95

Product Details

By popular demand we have the International range in our Home Brew Online Starter Kit Selection. We also make sure you get all the right ingredients with your starter kit that Coopers recommend. With our years of experience we have put together great step by step instructions, all the equipment you will need and the right ingredients.

  • Coopers European Lager captures the style of the finest quality lagers exported from Northern Europe. The European style lager take longer to condition, for best results leave 12 weeks.
  • Just add water, this Starter Kit has everything you'll need
  • Makes 40 Pints of great beer
  • High quality equipment that can be used over and over
  • Comes with 40 bottles so you can take some round to your friends
  • Coopers recommended ingredients
  • Full support by phone and email if you have any questions

International Starter Kit Contents

Fermentation Container - For the initial brewing process, includes lid with grommet for airlock

PET Plastic Re-useable Bottles - High quality PET bottles with caps suitable for bottling 40 pints

Little Bottler - Makes one-handed filling your bottles a doddle, no need for a syphon tube or filter!

Plastic Spoon - It takes a long spoon to mix the ingredients!

Airlock - Fill it with water half way, it lets the gasses escape and prevents contamination

Hydrometer, with its own trial jar - Lets you check on the alcohol content so you know when it's ready

Thermometer (LCD Style) - Helps you keep your brew at the correct temperature

Sanitiser - Ready to start? Clean your equipment to avoid contamination

Instructions - A full easy to follow, step-by-step guide for the beginner

Manufacturer's Instructions Under the lid/reverse of label of each beer kit, and we include an easy-to-follow guide.

Coopers Ingredients - Includes malt extract and carbonation drops

The Complete Starter Kit makes a fantastic gift and introduction to a new hobby. After brewing the first batch of lager with the included kit, all that is required to start brewing future batches is another beer, lager or cider ingredients kit, a selection of which are shown below. This setup is suitable for brewing real ale, lager, stout, cider and all varieties of beer, just choose your preferred beer kit from our extensive selection. 

A great Christmas gift!