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An all grain Imperial Stout with added Raspberries for flavour (nice!) and added late (pre-frozen) Hope (Cascade) from my Garden! Its smooth, deceivingly light (around 10%) lightly gassed and tooooo easy to drink. Made it for Christmas, not sure they'll last that long!

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Leffe Brune clone, was supposed to have candi syrup but I didnt have any so used Golden syrup and a bit of blackstrap instead. Its around 6.56 ABV at the moment and just about ready to bottle.

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This is the first beer I made with my daughter. She's too young to drink it, but she's the perfect age to stir in grain, weigh out and add hops, pitch yeast and help with the bottle labels.

Since she helped, I had to name it after her. No prizes for guessing which hop we used

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A successful Saturday morning in July. First attempt at Evil Dog IPA 7%.
Roll on Christmas

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It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas.

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Belgian Dubbel exclusively hopped with Sorachi Ace giving notes of lemongrass and lemon zest.

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This is my Doppelbock I brewed it for Christmas But Its not going to make it .....It is delicious....

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Pub Shed Competition Entry.

Well Pub Garage actually but the size of it is too small for a modern car so I decided to put it to "good' use as a themed bar called the "Sack and Saddle"(note the bar stools).

Lane 2018

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A nice little selection from 5 batches teasingly Maturing away.

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My very first home brew, it was a lager.


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Sauvignon Blanc on its way by Christmas Day, the vodka is proving popular!


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A bottle of blackberry spiced rum and a Kilner of Blider (which is home brewed cider that has been poured over the fortified blackberries strained out of the blackberry spiced rum and left to further ferment).


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Recently purchased Tinsel Toes for Christmas drinking and lager for the summer months


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A stout started at Halloween with my son, hence the name "Brewsome Twosome". Ready to drink at Christmas.


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Coopers Stout with a dry enzyme addition to the kit to give it a little bit of dryness to the taste. Perfect Christmas evening tipple.


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What ever surplus fruit from the garden gets turned into jam and wine. Here's my strawberry brew. Don't have a dedicated brewing area. Just my kitchen and any space I can find in my garage.


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I have brewed my own white Christmas with this Belgian wheat beer. Lovely crisp and citrusy notes will go fantastically with the salmon this Christmas.


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Woodefordes Nog, the perfect warm nutty brew for a damp cold evening.


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25 bottles of chardonnay last of the gorgeous world vineyard pinot noir. A rosé on the brew and some cheeky damson gin from my very productive damson tree.


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Spartan pale ale brewed for Christmas. Quite strong at 6 percent.


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My first attempt at a Christmas ale using Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange zest and Vanilla pod, combined with a healthy dose of Simcoe hops. All fermented and bottles using my Home Brew Online starter kit!

It's gone down a storm with family and friends!


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This is Woodfordes IPA, went down a treat our Christmas party!


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A very hoppy all grain brewed West Coast Pale Ale - Just ready for Xmas and a little left for New Year.


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Sodenbergs bierhaus.

Est 2014 our Bavarian them bar was built in half our garage. It comfortably seats 11 people and has a range of Weiss and helles beers. It has a proper bar and the room is decorated in a Bavarian style and has hosted many a good night. PROST!


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Pinot Grigio Blush cleared nicely!


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A lovely rich Helles Bock!


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Dry white Victoria Plum wine. Fruit picked from the garden. Very nice fruity dry wine.


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Brewed my first all grain citra pale ale using my DIY brew in a bag set-up.


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Brewing a Shepherd Naeme IPA clone over Christmas. The 21st brew with my Grainfather.


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Wherry Bitter Christmas barrel.


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Christmas brew, Smokey porter.


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A cheeky Little 14L of Christmas Ale (Brewferm).


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Spiced Crab Apple wine

 Winter fun!


My 6% ROBOT OIL Oatmeal stout. Only two bottles left now and one I promised to a friend :(


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Dry Blackberry wine made from wild berries growing in woods near my house. Perfect for cold winter evenings.


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Run,Run Rudolph! My 2018 Xmas beer, a Winter Ale with added cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg and star anis. 

Pioneer of the 'double bottling' technique, due to bottling the first time too early and starting WW3 in the beer store...



This is my Belgian farm house sour in my tea-chest fermentation chamber.

It won't be ready until April though :(


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Nice dark and spicy one gallon full mash brew.
Brewed with pale and dark malt. With home grown fuggle hops. Spiced up with cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Used normal ale yeast. Great drinking and spicy brew, well liked by everyone who tried it, including my local home-brew club.


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Stock from 3 years of brewing fruit wines from my allotment proceeds. This years special was a mulled apple wine. And already another 20 gallon of summer 2017 fruits on the go...Family and (allotment) friends can't get enough of it....and I've got the brewing bug!


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A New England style IPA brewed for Christmas. Large dry hop additions of Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic served from a 5L mini keg. Juice.


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This is my John Bull cider on the go with one already to drink. I wouldn't change this drink for anything and very good price and was well enjoyed by myself and friends at xmas.


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Citra Hopped, Belgium style Christmas brew. 'Duvel style'.


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My first ever go at home brewing for this Christmas. A strong, rich stout with a smooth chocolate finish. The names Magee. Miss Magee.


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I brewed six beers for Christmas and shared with an artist co-op where I live. They went down well with friends and family.


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My first all grain brew, Guinness clone for Christmas it was well liked with family.


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RHUbellion - Rhubarb flavoured fruit beer. With a (strong) hint of ginger. 3.9%.

Light malt base, with rhubarb from garden. Some like it, love it, some don't!


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Pint of Geordie Beer Scottish Export for exam.


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This is my garage pub, on-going project still adding to it. Providing darts, real ale and music with 2 flat screens for music videos and TV and a log burner for winter. Darts tournament every Friday night with classic rock music.

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This our micro brewery - I brew full grain beers with my mate Colin in my shed, not the prettiest shed - but very effective using improvised equipment including home made mash tuns and a drilled out washing up bowl for sparging!

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Currently work in progress. We managed to get a hold of the bar unit from a closed down pub which was in really bad condition. Lots of TLC and time we've managed to get it looking much better. Much more to work on with our bar but it'll be worth it!

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The Drunken Duck opened on Christmas Eve 2015. It started as a drunken idea but quickly became a reality. The pub is complete with two draft beer lines, a log burning fire and a pizza oven nearby. We host our pub quiz every month- 'What the Duck Quiz'

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The garden Lodge, offering a great mix of Craft Beer, Spirits and Cocktails. With Craft Beer & American Whiskey being the star attractions.


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Me and the wife built this in 4 months 

from the garden being over grown to our beautiful Man Cave 

Fully insulated and a rubber roof both of us work full time so it was hard graft 

We have a brewery to the left behind the bown doors we now have 12 pumps with own made ales and ciders 

own made spirits too full electrics aswell all work was done by myself and the wife.


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Built this bar from pallets as an experiment, now it is here to stay! 40 pints of Woodford Wherry fermenting ready for the grand opening


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Full working bar,with kegs,taps and gas.the bar is covered in foam style ale clips,the back wall has metal and ceramic clips,scaffold bar stools,seats from a honda prelude and a wood burner to finish.


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My pub shed the dog and partridge.the place where we make and serve and drink a lot of home brew. I've added and added to my bar over a couple of years much to the frustration of the wife but I don't hear her complain when she's in there having a tipple or two.

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The hangar was built by myself using old pallets (about 50 in total) and then insulated and boarded within. I have a log burner and reclaimed oak floors to give it that old pub feel. Aircraft theme throughout.

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My shed has been serving home brew for nearly 27 years.


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The Grove bar, club and beer garden!

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24ft x 12ft micro brewery night club with full lazer show and led lighting
100l 3 pot micro brewery with 5 beers on draught in a 3 tap keezer.

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This is the first time brewing a stout and is ready to drink on Christmas day. 

Have a great Christmas and happy New year to all the homebrew enthusiasts.



Here is my pub shed in my Garden ... The Garden Inn.
I have set up a Guild of Private landlords with 3 other friends with their own pubs too. Great fun. We do take this very seriously ... till we've had a drink. My home brew is a special feature of the GI.

Lowie's Red shed, A place providing real good home made ale and wine on match days or just in times of company or celebration. All drinks are made in the shed itself which has a football related decor. I have 2 x fermentation chambers and all other kit has been provided via the home brew online store.

Built my bar and brewed 7 beers to entertain on my birthday beer fest party. Got given some ply from work and it took my 3 weekends to complete. She's named the drunken duck! Very pleased with the results and she acts as a smoking shelter when it rains!

This is my Micro brewery along with bar located inside old kids play house
AKA Maple Brewery

"The 1886 Cavern" is a modern wild west style bar, offering upto 5 homebrew lager, cider and ale on tap, bottled homebrew wine and even moonshine!(Alcoshots!) Has wide variety of spirits, mixers and cocktails. Has its own Jukebox with karaoke, Sky TV, Wi-Fi, poker table, fold out pool table, disco ball, neon lighting, bottle chandelier, personalised fisheyes, booth seating and its very own toilet!

This is my bar / party room built onto the side of my house as a project over several years
It started as an outside bar under a canopy and has grown into an inside pub style bar with lots of party lights and music system

Built this little beauty from 3 recycled wooden doors at a finnished total cost of only £70! Full set of optics with home made vodka,rosemary gin, white rum, and spiced rum. All set up for a summer bbq with friends and family with two 8L drinks dispense full of Pimms and white peach sangria ;)

The Geordie and Dragon garage pub

Opened in 2014 and aptly named as I am a geordie. 

My Traditional real ale pub shed. once was a disused summer house now it has real ale, cider and stout. Party lights, laser light show, mini Jukebox, bench seating made out of pallets and a 8" wide line of 2p's set in resin on the floor hence the name 'The Dirty Tuppence'.

This tasty oatmeal stout is made from Milestone's Black Pearl stout kit.

I steeped 400 grams of (microwaveable)oats in muslin bag with hot water to collect 3.5 litres of oaty milk and added to wort , gives stout not to sweet but creamy taste, better mouth feel and long lasting head retention.

H2O Malt Extract of Barley Oats and Yeast - hence the name HOMEBOY.

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My pub shed. Took me 6 months of hard graft, working weekends and evenings to create my perfect retreat.

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My home bar that i have built from pallets and covered up with plywood. Embedding a sound bar and subwoofer behind. I have a carling pump attached to a corny keg and force carbed My A.G IPA. The cupboards behind are built from pallet wood and have under cupboard lighting fitted.

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This is my man cave ...(inspired by my local pub, The Red Horse)Fully insulated and heated, black beams, original pub taps (for show) wine cooler, TV, music system etc etc. At present there's 4 different wines on the, ready for next year.

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This is 'My Bar' shed in my back garden with freeview tv, fridge freezer, darts,can crushers,bottle openets,real marble bar and steel drip tray... oh...and custom built puggy!!

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My Garden Pub Shed. 2 draft home brew beers on tap. Via Cornelius kegs.

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this is my pub garage that I converted by reclaiming the local pub and where we drink our home brew bought from homebrew online the ship inn.

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My home brewing shed with official licence too :) haha

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Here is a photo of my pub shed bar "the steel horse saloon" we only drink home brewed beer in here, no shop brought rubbish.

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Here is my garage bar and brewery serving a selection of home brew ales and ciders.

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Hobbit themed pub shed "the only brew for the brave and true...comes from the green dragon!" The barrel tap is connected to my home brew keg!

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Pub Shed called "The Plank and Two Nail" that serves "Rodders Ales". I'm a keen DIYer and I made this shed/summerhouse and get my beer kits from HBO.

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This is my home nightclub called 'The Grove' where we like to enjoy our homebrew and party til the small hours. Complete with DJ booth, full video system, PA, lighting rig smoke machine. Not forgetting a very large stocked fridge of varying home brew beer, wine and cider!

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My garage bar and brewery where home brew is make served and drank.

My last refuge of peace

This bothy style pub shed was recently created by rebuilding the stone walls and re-roofing a derelict 18th Century animal byre high up on the hill of a Scottish island on the West Coast; the perfect refuge from the midges in the summer. On colder days the log burning stove provides a warm welcome to guests so they can sample, in comfort, the excellent home brew made from the naturally peaty water drawn from the local burn.

Bottle from first batch of Coopers Dark Ale.

Beaverdale Merlot, worth spending that bit extra for a good quality wine.


A lovely pint of Munton's Midas Touch Golden ale drawn from the keg

4.2% light citrusy pale ale, fermenting in the living room.

My very 1st brew. 40 pints of Norfolk Nog primed for 2nd fermentation. That pint is going to be a great Xmas present

From my 3rd kit of Woodfordes Wherry with a few added ingredients to give it a very creamy stoutish finish. My best homebrew yet. Even the missus likes it.

I have trouble keeping wine long enough to mature fully, it only reaches its best by the last 10 bottles or so. This time we made a posh wine kit (Kenridge Amarone) and sealed the bottles in posh boxes to help us not drink them. Fingers crossed they'll be ready by Christmas, they where bottled last April. Happy Brewing.

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Here is my homebrew racking.

My first pint of homebrew, A Coopers Australian larger kit with added hallertauer hersbruck hops.

My BIAB system is so easy to use, I've even managed to get SWMBO (my girlfriend) involved. Here she is doughing in the gris

my children love making scrumpy at this time of year

This is my simple set up at home with a 30 litre brew bin and a couple of home made secondary fermentation vessels (also used for smaller batches). This is a apple and grape cider which has settled at about 6.5% abv. Smells fantastic!

This is how every fridge should look, not a salad leaf in sight but still 2 of your 5 a day (sort of)! Strawberry wine and simple apple cider cold bottle conditioning in the fridge. My first and second ever brews but very tasty!

Homemade scones but more to the point washed down with 'Betterbrew' Yorkshire Bitter.Dry hopped with challenger.1st pull after 5 weeks conditioning.

Merlot made from Solomon Grundy 7 day kit. First go at home brewing!

Belgian Kriek - Cherry Beer

Black Rock Pils base add: spray malt, Maris pale malt, Hallertauer hops all brought to life with a Saflager yeast. brewed 18th April and drinking now - shame the sun has gone away

A lovely Australian lager from coopers

A lovely full bodied bitter made from a simply beer kit

This is 'Barkham Doom X' Cider. This particular brew is 10.4% ABV, hence the name. Apples come from our own trees, cider yeast, Coopers PET bottles and tops and other bits and bobs from Home Brew Online of course :-)

Real grape wine from the vine at Monkshill Cottage, Hardwicke Estate, Glos. The grapes grow over the barn and hedge. From start to drinking was just over three months – and excellent stuff it was too!

This is my first ever batch of Czech Pilsner, bottled and now the two week wait! Fingers crossed

My home made cider press - 2nd year of use making 'Barkham Doom' Cider!

This was a Mexican creveza Lager but I added some golden syrup, 50 grams of liquorice 100ml of neat vodka and 50ml of vanilla extract, tastes pretty good

This is coopers stout, hmmm love it !!

Wine made from black chokeberries (aronia melanocarpa) is a beautiful, full-bodied red, good to drink after a year but gets better with age, give it 3-4 if you can. 

As Leeds fans I decided to add a bit off class to our wine bottles.

Reminds me of the bitters I cut my drinking tooth on as a kid, probably Whitbread Best but much nuttier, nice amber colour and long lasting head.

We called this 'Dark Matter' - it's awesome and we don't yet fully understand why! (It's your Abbey Beer - Abdij)

The wee man starting early helping his Dad

A lovely pint of Muntons Midas Touch Golden ale from a keg nearly half empty and going fast!

A cold Coopers real ale

Rum in the airlock, five gallons of coopers stout.

All grain summer lightning ale 5.2% ABV made in June 2013 by my mate and I. Only our second go at all grain, wonderful!

Cream Label Stout in Belgian beer glass

This is our first batch of home brew all nicely bottled and tucked away in the "booze cupboard" for its second fermentation. A glorious sight.

Just started a Guinness Brew Last Night its going a little Crazy at the minute...

200gs of citra.

5.5% first one I tried to do a bit different and was lovely :)

First brew of bottle conditioned Woodfordes Werry.

All grain summer lightning ale 5.2% ABV made in June 2013 by my mate and I. Only our second go at all grain, wonderful!

I made this contraption for the distilling of water!!! So far the results have been very satisfactory

A Woodforde’s Wherry as a base, made to 36 pints as opposed to the suggested 40. Added 250g of Munton’s Light Spraymalt during the initial mix. Dry hopped with Goldings finishing hops after 4 days in the FV.

Huxter Homebrew No.1 - My first ever homebrew and it was so simple and unbelievably good! I Bought the complete kit here with Cellar 7 Sauvginon Blanc, 1 week and nearly 30 bottles brewed!

Belgian Brown Ale, that has just been poured

Cider making from a secret blend of homegrown apples

This is my Canadian Blonde Lager, which I just started a few days ago. This is my second time making beer. Very much looking forward to sampling the finished product in a few weeks.

My Micro-Brewery in the back shed. Coopers Pale Ale + 1 bag of Muntons Brew Enhancer. On the heat pad before I wrap it in insulation. Will finish by adding a carbonation drop during bottling.

The pint you see is St Peter's Golden Ale while the one you can't see is Woodfords Wherry

The mini brewery is taking shape nicely with a Woodforde's nearly ready and a St Peter's about to be barrelled.

This beer is my Old Man Harvey's Triple Tykes Special Export Ale, based on the Bulldog Triple Tykes kit. "Old Man Harvey's" in memory of my dad who introduced me to homebrewing. 

its my coopers lager straight from bottle to the jug

First attempt at Apple Wine.....terrifying but exciting... 

This is what i call a"workshop"

Home Brew Online Cider Kit with our fruit press.

My first attempt at homebrew. Stout given as a gift from my wife.

this is a picture of my dog JEM guarding my lager pilsner that I brewed from a kit

Picture of a Home Brew festival organised as a local group of Dads, with a Woodfordes trio brewed by our own fair hands - "Kevin & Wherry" went large, Duncan's Revenge and Jack on the Sundew (dropped the keg - oops!) This shot of all the attendees is about 2 pints in...before the carnage!

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This Years Brewing Efforts! We have plenty of fruit wine to mature over the winter. Cider Perry and Merry (Mango Cider) ready to bottle this month. 

A self branded 'Full Frontal Brewdity' American Pale Ale. Try brewing it yourself by searching Ultimate Brewery Classics American Golden Pale Ale Kit

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My first beer after buying the Cooper's starter kit - St Peter's Ruby Red Ale.

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Dent Ale's latest brew, Muntons Gold IPA. The taste is further improved drinking it from my "Mr. Dent's Homebrew Only" pint glass.

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Mouthwatering anticipation - just add yeast & water.

wines started, rowan berry, primrose flower, broom flower, gorse flower, crab apple, sweet apple, dandelion, sloe. I love making it

my wine cellar - haha. 

This was the Better Brew Midland Mild Ale. It was our first ever attempt at brewing and came out great. Maybe not the bucket, but still, we learnt from our mistake :)

This is the Better Brew IPA. Lovely stuff.

Here's our Better Brew Czech Pilsner brewing away. Nearly time to bottle :)

organic homemade made wine from 3lb of elderberry's and 1lb of wild blackberry's all pick from my local Field

Scrumpy Nuts. My little Homebrew man cave, All possible with the products from Homebrew online. 1= On the rocks apple cider. 2= Coopers Canadian Blonde (hopped). 3= All grain Caffreys Clone.

Strawberry and Rose petal wine nicely bubbling, oh how I love the summer!

My first batch of Magnum Medium Dry Rosé. Taste great.

Bitter Sweet Symphony 4.8% Youngs Bitter - with Vanilla Sugar Primary Fermatation : 01-11-09 Ready to drink : 23-12-09

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John Bull traditional scrumpy, with a little extra sugar added to make a reasonable 8% and to be fairly honest, it's bloooooming luuurvly

bottles of Brewferms Brown Ale

Just fired up the brewing kit, 40 pints of Youngs Bitter on the Way! First brew we did was great, second (a wheat beer) was a disaster, so hopefully this is third time lucky!

Markos looking after the good stuff.

Based on a 'Simply' Bitter beer kit brewed, bottled and labelled by @chrispyes (my twitter name) to celebrate 64 years of legal aid this summer.

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wild organic blackberry wine made from blackberry from my local Field.a very full body fruity wine, made now ready for Xmas from my secret recipe

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Consider this picture a cautionary tale....when using a bottle jack hydraulic press to make cider, ensure the bottle isnt leaking hydraulic oil....it tends to interfere with the fermentation process! Consequently, I have been required to label all my home beverages with the tagline 'Now with 0% Hydraulic Oil'!

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Lovely Jub-I-lee Muntons Gold 40 pint Imperial Stout Beer Kit with cherry.

A keg of my "Lovely Jub-i-lee" stout made for the Diamond Jubilee Street Party we had.

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Santas Sack Coopers Australian Pale Ale Beer Kit with added maple syrup and walnut extract.

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This is Citrout. I used a coopers stout kit, dry hopped with 4oz of citra hops for two weeks.

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This is the first glass of Better Brew IPA, made with spray malt. The result is a nicely balanced beer, Citrus-hoppy but easy to drink with a great creamy head. Good with peanuts...

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Brewferm Abbey Ale I named this beer 'Eddy Merckx Abbey Ale' as it was brewed around the time of the time of the Tour De France 2011 - A really lovely dark ale, with a beautiful sticky sweetness.

Diabolo Belgium Beer Came out amazingly strong around 8-9% :) which cant complain about, added black treacle too to give it that extra kick, has been in bottles about a year so is very tasty if say so myself

A Coopers Blonde lager that had been dry hopped with Saaz Hops

Festival Pride of London Porter I call this one 'Hops on the Docks' - With the addition of dry hopping for slightly longer than planned, the resulting porter is beautifully hoppy, with a real depth of magnificent fruity flavours - I've been wanting to make a tasty porter for a while, as I haven't found a stout that I have liked yet - Definitely one of my favorite brews yet.

Lethal!! Raspberry & Lime Cider! It tastes so refreshing, you could drink it all day. Until you try to stand up to get another glass.

Brewferm Grand Cru April 2013 - Aging well - A sweet and colourful brew - 

Little Ricky’s just about to enjoy the first home brew I made a month ago a Coopers European Lager. I even made my own labels. Crystal clear in the bottle, I followed the instructions from the Coopers tin and added 500grms of muntons extra light spraymalt

This is my home brew bar down my garden 

Autumn afternoon, back garden cider pressing session.

My lovely daughter Emily serves me up a fine pint of Munton's Old Conkerwood Black Ale, just on a year in the bottle and asks me if I would like a flake in that?

This was my very first Coopers Mexican Cerveza! Absolutely amazed by the quality and taste :D Brewed using Brew enhancer No1. Highly recommend it! Onto my second brew of this Coopers kit. Cheers!

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Christmas "Elf Warning". This was a customized Diabolo beer with mulled wine spices.

It's not really a leffe I just like the glass. It's a Norfolk Nog brewed as per instructions, no additions or tweaks "why spoil a good thing".

As I live in Turkey Cider is very hard to come by so this is my Home brew. Left Bottle: 16-04-13. 15 Ltrs Apple Juice + 3 Ltrs Water + 2 kg Sugar. 1.052 sg Middle: 17-04-13. 11 Ltrs Apple Juice + 7 Ltrs Water + 2Kg Sugar. 1.600 sg Right Bottle: 25-04-13. 13 Ltrs Apple Juice + 5 Ltrs Water + 2 Kg Sugar. 1.642 sg

brew homebrew 'shed'

The best Yorkshire bitter home brew

My home Brew shed thanks to home brew on line thanks guys

Better brew premium ale..... Now just playing the waiting game!!!

its strawberry champagne with toasted vanilla oak .

Woodforde's Norfolk Nog Strong Dark Ale

Full-bodied and rich, this dark ruby-red tinted beer has a warm taste of coffee and chocolate. 

This is the end result of the "Ultimate Strawberry Blonde" beer, bought from homebrewonline...

My son and I are quite new to home brewing but we've enjoyed both the brewing process and the

This was a Cooper’s Original Series Stout kit, with 1kg of medium dry spray malt, a 454g tin of black treacle and 500g of grated fresh root ginger.

I started brewing 13 months ago, found a sharp learning curve after the first ok batch, 

Woodforde's Wherry. It went very well with a medium rare steak!

First brew of bottle conditioned Woodfordes Wherry.

Here is a pic of my canadian blonde coopers kit 

Father Hooks Festival Beer kit made as per the instructions in the kit.

Made by ourselves at Home Brew Online. 

This was Cooper's Lager, brewed in my brand new Cooper's kit during October 2011.