Heisenberg’s Uncertain Stout

Coopers Original Series Stout Kit
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Heisenberg’s Uncertain Stout
Heisenberg’s Uncertain Stout

This was a Cooper’s Original Series Stout kit, with 1kg of medium dry spray malt, a 454g tin of black treacle and 500g of grated fresh root ginger.

The beer was inspired by some gingerbread that my wife made, bizarre as that sounds! She had followed a recipe which included black treacle, and when it came out of the oven it smelt great, and I thought to myself “I could drink that!”

The name refers to the fact that, although I fancied that the treacle and ginger flavours would work together, and I know I love treacle stouts, I wasn’t 100% sure how all the flavours would work together. I had also been advised to not bother with the ginger, as it would be an extra flavour which would just confuse things. I decided, however, to carry on regardless!

The name was inspired by Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that the more precise the measurement of one attribute of a particle is known, the less precisely another attribute can be measured; for example, the more accurately the particle’s momentum is measured, the less accurately can its position be measured. This seemed appropriate because I knew how well certain combinations of flavours to be found in the beer worked, but was uncertain how well they would work in combination!

In the end, I found that I needn’t have worried; the beer was a triumph! A rich, pitch black treacle stout, with subtle hints of ginger and a lingering heat that made it an excellent winter warming beer. It didn’t make it to new year!

I hope this was an interesting read for you!

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