Home Brew Online Starter Equipment Pack With Barrel

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Muntons Light Spraymalt 500g
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Woodfordes Wherry Bitter Kit

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Woodfordes Micro Brewery With Barrel – Wherry
RRP £74.95
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A Woodforde’s Wherry as a base, made to 36 pints as opposed to the suggested 40. Added 250g of Munton’s Light Spraymalt during the initial mix. Dry hopped with Goldings finishing hops after 4 days in the FV.

It’s a lovely, hoppy, ale that I’ve named Hoppypölla (öl means ale in Icelandic!). It has a slightly increased ABV (>5%). These kits are fantastic and so easy to make. All products are from HBO and produced using one of their starter kits.

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