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Scrumpy Cider Making Equipment - The Beginners Complete Kit

Scrumpy Cider Making Equipment - The Beginners Complete Kit

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Stock Availability:In Stock
Price: £124.96

Product Details

All the equipment to make proper scrumpy, if you have your own apples and need everything to make cider then this kit is for you, it even includes a high quality Vigo fruit press.

This equipment pack has all the gear you need, just pick some apples and get started making some good old scrumpy cider.

Making traditional cider is very easy. Simply chop your apples into quarters, pulp them in the pulp master. Put the pulp in the press and squeeze out the juice into your fermenting vessel. Pitch the yeast and let it ferment. When it has finished fermenting add a campden tablet to stop infections, then bottle it up, you can add a little sugar to the bottles if you want your cider to be fizzy. Leave it for as long as possible to condition, then get to drinking.

Features And Contents Of This Scrumpy Cider Kit;

The most important part of this kit is the Fruit Press. These presses from Vigo are high quality and well made. It takes a lot of force to squeeze out the juice from the pulp so they need to be sturdy, which these presses are. Made from stainless steel, brass and Plastic juice collector base. The press also includes a straining bag and splashguard.

Pulper - for easy pulping of apples (attach to your own drill - not included - for fast pulping)

2 x sachets of cider yeast - Each sachet can ferment up to 23 litres.

25 litre food grade fermenting vessel - Supplied complete with lid and an airlock.

Mixing spoon - for stirring up and aerating.

Cleaner and sanitiser powder- the most important rule in home brewing is to keep your equipment clean and sterilised. 

Syphon tube with pinch valve - to transfer the cider into your bottles.

Hydrometer - for testing stages of fermentation.

15 Campden tablets - helps to prevent infections.

Easy to follow step by step scrumpy instructions - A booklet all about cider making also comes with the press.

10 PET Plastic 1 litre bottles - supplied complete with screw cap lids


  • 5
    great kit

    Posted by garry gilberthorpe on 11th Oct 2017

    All that you need to start. Made quick work of my apples. Various instructions with each item.