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Here at Home Brew Online we know how important it is to work in an environmentally sustainable way and we strive to minimise waste and energy consumption. Our aim is to be a responsible and environmentally friendly business, so we have taken a number of steps to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced.

Nearly all of our packaging fill material is in the form of perforated cardboard pads. We recycle cardboard, including all packaging sent to us by suppliers, to make these on site and use them to protect your products in transit so they arrive in perfect condition. Therefore the packaging we use is very environmentally friendly and is also 100% recyclable with household curb-side recycling.

The cardboard boxes we use to ship your order in can be re-used or recycled, and the padded envelopes we ship smaller and lighter items are designed to be split into paper/plastic for easy recycling.

On site we segregate our waste, ensuring that cardboard, plastic, metal and glass go to our local recycling facility.

We use the courier DPD for many of our larger and faster option deliveries, who are committed to carbon neutral delivery and are continuing to invest and expand their fleet of electric delivery vehicles where possible.

We continue to make changes to how we operate and will continue to adapt and improve wherever possible for the benefit of the planet