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  • Harris Vin Clear Wine Fining Tub

    Harris Filters

    Harris Vin Clear Wine Fining Tub

    Sufficient to clear up to 3 x 5 gallon batches of wine Clears wine quickly Compacts sediment Simple to use Commercial grade Long shelf life All that is needed to prepare the Vin Clear wine finings is to mix it in half cup of cold water or wine, mixing...
    Price: £3.20


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  • Clear It Beer and Wine Finings


    Clear It Beer and Wine Finings

    Fast Acting fining. Sufficient to treat up to 270 litres Clear IT Wine and Beer Finings can be used on all types of wine and beer. The result will be a shining finish, without effecting aroma and taste. Once opened the manufacturers recommend to use...
    Price: £4.66


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